Supporters Rally for Illinois Clean Jobs Bill

 Springfield - Both, wind power and solar power, are becoming more and more valuable resources of energy for the people of Illinois.  This is especially true at a time when the price of traditional energy sources are on the rise.

It's also a time when the world's climate is changing, resulting in unforeseen struggles with losses of natural resources.

"Our states are drying out.  Our water resources are becoming desperately, desperately taxed right?  Our planet is in jeopardy," said Chicago state representative Will Guzzardi.

At Wednesday's clean-energy rally, lawmakers and supporters said it was fitting to promote this bill on Earth Day, saying the legislation will lead to thousands of clean-energy jobs all across the state.

Oak Park state senator Don Harmon said that,"this is a bill that would create 32,000 well paying clean-energy jobs every year.  This bill would create jobs in all parts of the state.  This is a win all around.  The bill would allow us to leave a healthier, safer environment for our children and for our grandchildren."

"I'm looking to hire independent contractors that are going to help market led lighting lowering residences and businesses energy consumption, which allows them to then come in and add a solar system of a smaller size, saving dollars and still getting the same benefit," said Michelle Knox, owner of Wind Solar USA

The legislation, referred to as the Illinois clean jobs bill, is currently awaiting action inside the state senate.

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