$30,000 spent to bring Vice President Biden to U of I campus

 URBANA - Bringing Vice President Joe Biden to campus cost the University of Illinois roughly $30,000, according to school officials.

But a plan to re-use some of the materials purchased will reduce net expenses to roughly $25,000. The Champaign News-Gazette (bit.ly/1QwAigT)

 reported the expenses included lumber for temporary bleachers for Vice President Biden's visit Thursday.

University Spokesperson Robin Kaler says the chancellor's office covered expenses for Biden's visit; no state or tuition money was used. 

During his visit, the Vice President emphasized "No means no, no matter what." His visit highlighted the university's recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. 

"The same percentage of young girls in high school and women in college are being raped as they were 20 years ago," Biden said during his speech Thursday. 

The university also purchased 500 T-shirts with the slogan "It's on us" as part of its own efforts to crack down on date rape and other forms of sexual violence.  

Student leaders who organized the Vice President's visit called it a "once in a lifetime experience."
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