Home-cooked meals will be a click away for U of I students

CHAMPAIGN-URBANA--For students at the University of Illinois, a home-cooked meal will soon be just a click away.

"Home Food Today" is a new company founded by U of I grads that allows parents to deliver meals straight from their kitchens to their children without having to make the trip themselves.

Simply drop off a pre-packaged cooler at one of their three Chicagoland locations, and the guys behind the business will bring it to students at the U of I's Urbana-Champaign campus the same day.

They say it will be especially useful for kids from different cultures and those with dietary restrictions, at a cost that is more affordable than their competitors.

"We came up with the ideal size of this two-meal cooler, Which is $10 to send a cooler," said co-founder, Niraj Patel. "Now if parents have to drive it themselves a midsize sedan, a fuel efficient sedan...it's $32 for gas for a round trip. Not to mention the seven hours parents spend on a round trip."

The drivers will be equipped with extra coolers and ice packs to make sure the food is delivered as fresh as possible.

The company will have a soft launch the Sunday before finals week in May. It will start delivering regularly from Chicago to the U of I Urbana-Champaign campus this coming fall.

For more information, visit http://www.homefoodtoday.com/.
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