American Red Cross Aids Nepal

Homes are scattered across Nepal with people trapped underneath rubble. Many people have been found dead. On Monday the death toll soared past 4,000. 
 "We are deeply saddened by the destruction and loss of life caused by the earthquake in Nepal and parts of India during the weekend,"
Natasha Bertaud, the European Commission Spokeswoman said. "This is a humanitarian emergency that requires an internationally coordinated relief effort."

Also pledging to offer assistance is the American Red Cross.

"You have to remember that these are family members of United States citizens. Imagine your own loved ones being impacted by something like that," said Bryan Soady, Executive Director of the American Red Cross

Red Cross has sent eight Americans to Nepal, but Soady said the organization has run into road blocks trying to send aid packages.

"Those challenges that we are facing are just the logistics of getting it there. The international airport even on a regular day is somewhat basic and so now that made that even more challenging," Soady added.

"A monetary donation will go a long way. So far the disaster relief organization has committed $300,000 to the cause. That money will help fund a shortage of necessities for adults and children waiting for medical aid, food and electricity," he said.

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