HSHS St. Mary's Hospital raising stroke symptom, prevention awareness

DECATUR - HSHS St. Mary's Hospital officials are encouraging central Illinois residents to learn more about stroke risk, symptoms, and prevention during National Stroke Awareness Month in May.

According to Chief Medical Officer Dr. Phil Barnell, the most important factor in stroke prevention is lowering your risk.  Barnell also says patients can speak to their doctors about managing "chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, as well as getting regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight and quitting smoking.”

HSHS St. Mary's Hospital officials are also encouraging residents to talk to their doctors about ways to take care of their cardiovascular health.  Officials say that strokes can have many symptoms like blurred vision, slurred speech, numbness in your limbs or face, or confusion, and that if you experience these symptoms, you should seek immediate medical attention.

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