Shave, Haircut, Blood Pressure Check

Decatur – Shave, haircut and a blood pressure check.

Not your typical barber shop.  But an extra service that could help customers of the shop reduce their risk of stroke, blindness or kidney failure.

“Not only do we do healthy haircuts but we also check blood pressures for each client that comes in,” said Shon Allen owner of the Competitive Edge Barber Shop located at 1101 N. Water Street in Decatur.

Barbers in the shop were trained on how to take blood pressure readings by Karen Schneller a registered nurse at Decatur Memorial Hospital.  Schneller approached Allen with her idea for blood pressure testing and he was immediately receptive.

“Untreated hypertension is a big problem in the African American community specific to the males.  They don't like to go to the doctor,” Schneller told WAND's Doug Wolfe.  “They each have their own stethoscope, their own blood pressure cuff and they know how to take blood pressures.”

More than 40% of African Americans suffer from high blood pressure.  Many don't know they have it.

“This is going to change someone's life.  Someone is not going to be on dialysis because of this.  Someone is not going to have a stroke because of this,” Schneller stated.

Men who have a high blood pressure reading are told to see a doctor and are given a card.  If the doctor initials the card showing a visit the customer can come back for a free haircut.

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