IL Woman's Brother Safe After Mt. Everest Avalanche

 A Central Illinois woman is waiting for her brother to come home. Brigit Greuel said her brother Nathan Dolbeare is stuck in the Himalayas. This is after he was stopped in his tracks by an avalanche that was triggered by the devastating Nepal earthquake.

WAND's Brigette Burnett sat down with Greuel to hear how an unexpected turn of events has his family here on edge.

Greuel, who lives in Stewardson, Illinois, said her brother is a long time mountain climber who attempted to conquer Mt. Everest last year. In 2014, he was stopped by an avalanche just like he was this year. 

Once Greuel found out about the avalanche, she said she was worried until she got word that he was okay.

"We were just all on pins and needles," Greuel said.

She has been receiving updates through his wife Kris Dolbeare, sporadic phone calls from her brother and his Facebook posts.

"I mean he had upped his phone coverage to texting and that kind of thing and even that was down at times," Greuel added.

Dolbeare has to be at the airport about six hours before his flight leaves. Greuel said, he found out on Tuesday that he will return to Colorado on Thursday.

For other people who may be in the same situation as Greuel, the American Red Cross is offering assistance to connect loved ones separated by a crisis.

 "What we recommend is that anyone who has family members in Nepal is to take a look at that Restoring Family Links website ( and to see if they can't find out some information about their loved ones," said Bryan Soady, Executive Director of the American Red Cross.

It is a site that can help people who are praying for their loved ones to return home.
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