Construction Continues at Lincoln's Challenge Academy

RANTOUL--Construction is well underway at Lincoln's Challenge Academy in Rantoul, on a multi-million dollar project that will bring updates to buildings that are decades old, in hopes of advancing the futures of its cadets.

Work is about a third of the way complete on the $38.1 million overhaul across campus.

Many of the original buildings were built back in the 1970's and lack a lot of modern amenities.

Right now, floors are being poured and walls are going up for the new dorms and education center, while work on the new gym is on track to be finished by September.

"They've got just about every segment of this started at least at some level," said project coordinator, Mark Brooks. "As you can see, all the dirt's been dug up, all the water lines are in, the sewer lines are in. There's nothing that isn't started, a lot that's not done."

"Once everything is up and we have received the key, the students will no longer have to march a mile and a half to class," said Lincoln's Challenge Academy Director, Peter T. Thomas. "And they will have a great appreciation because they will not have individual rooms, there will be eight-man dorms and 12-man dorms."

All the renovations were paid for with state money. The project in its entirety is expected to be completed by the fall of 2016.
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