Illinois Mayors Worried About Cuts From State

 Springfield -  City councils and mayors have had to do more programming with less funding for years.

It hasn't been easy.  Many times, that also meant making cuts to certain programs, cutting jobs, and more, just to maintain a balanced budget.

Danville mayor Scott Eisenhauer said that,"over the course of the last 15 years we've suffered through a recession and a near depression, and yet, in each one of those years regardless of how tough times were, everyone of these municipalities balanced their budgets.  And they did by making extremely difficult decisions."

"We have done everything that we thought was the right way to handle it financially to see that we could get things completed in our community that we're trying to do," added Decatur mayor Mike McElroy.

Both men were part of a handful of mayors who visited the state's capital on Wednesday to share concerns about funding at the local level from the state.

McElroy said that the state can no longer afford to kick the proverbial can down the road.  He says now is the time for the state to try and fix their financial issues.  
If not, those financial struggles will only mean more problems for city governments.

"We cannot certainly cut anymore employees.  We're down to where we think that we can certainly supply safely for the citizens, but there's no more people in there that can be cut," said McElroy.

Mcelroy also reported that the governor's proposed cuts could mean a loss between $1M and $3M dollars for the city of Decatur.   

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