Lincoln's hearse unveiled

SPRINGFIELD - The room was packed; characters in every corner.

"There were fifteen veterans working for nine months on this thing, said Eric Hollenbech."

This "thing" is actually called the Icon of Freedom, a recreation of the hearse used in President Abraham Lincoln's funeral.  It will be the centerpiece of the re-enactment of his funeral in a few days.  The hearst was designed and built by a veterans build team within a company called Blue Ox Millworks.

"The thing that made our involvement in this so important was that Abraham Lincoln was the first president in the United States to say we have to take care of our veterans," said Hollenbech.  "We have to take care of our veterans."

Wednesday night, hundreds got a sneak peak of the final look at the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport in Springfield.

"There's no other vehicle in the history of America that you can look at and see a life and a death, and a bullet for our freedom," said PJ Staab.

Onlookers took pictures in awe.

"I want them to take away an experience of healing, because a great president died for all of us," said Staab.

The hearst will be featured in a procession to Oak Ridge Cemetery on May 3.
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