UIS police warning public of phone scam

SPRINGFIELD - The University of Illinois - Springfield Police Department is making the public aware of a series of fraudulent phone calls that are targeting the university's international students.

According to authorities, students are called and told that they must pay money or face being arrested and deported.  In the reported incidents, the caller identified himself as Jimmy from the Internal Revenue Service, and said that the student was in violation of federal tax laws for not claiming money received from outside the United States.  The caller then says the student must make a payment within 10 minutes, or police officers will arrest the student on a warrant that has been issued.

The UIS Police Department says it is investigating these incidents with several agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security.  Authorities say if you or someone you know receives a call about being arrested and/or deported if you don't pay a fine or deposit, don't give any money, hang up, and call the UIS Police Department at (217) 206-7777.
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