Groups Calling for Changes to State's Telecommunications Law

 Springfield - A rotary phone is pretty hard to find these days.

Even harder to find, though, is technology to keep old phone lines running for this type of aging technology.

For some companies, to find replacement parts means going online to auction sites such as eBay to find what's needed.

Under current state law, land line carriers, like ATT, are required to provide funding to keep these lines going.
Groups are now calling for a change to that law as more people drop the traditional land line for wireless phone service.

ATT of Illinois' president Paul La Schiazza said that,"years ago, virtually 100 percent of the customers on the old network used our old technology service, but times have certainly changed.  Today, 82 percent of those Illinois customers are gone."

By updating the law, supporters say it will create new technology jobs throughout the state at a time when jobs are desperately needed.

"We are here as a diverse group as a diverse coalition for a modernization of those laws and something that's going to create jobs, spur the economy, and really show that Illinois can catch up to neighboring states that are already ahead of us in terms of modernizing their telecommunications and regulatory structures," said Todd Maisch, who is the president of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce.

Currently, there is not any drafted legislation to change the law, but it is expected to be filed sometime next week.

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