Scamming students out of thousands of dollars

SPRINGFIELD - It has been the season of the phone scam, and this time around the scams are getting more elaborate, targeting the University of Illinois - Springfield's international student population twice in less than a week.

Two cases have been reported and in each the caller threatens the students with deportation if they don't send money. One student did as requested and sent the scam artists $1,600.00.  The other student was aware of the scam and didn't send any money.

Derek Schnapp, UIS spokesperson said, “immigration services, homeland security, anybody like that is not going to be asking for money over the phone, regardless if they have your social security number whether regardless if they have all your personal information.”

Zehra Ozkan-Shahidi, President of UIS' International Student Association said, “Actually I feel lucky this thing happened then we can warn our future students then they can know what they need to do.”

Both cases are being investigated, and the Department of Homeland Security is heavily involved, in the hope of putting an end to scams like these.

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