Will Decatur be the next Hockeyville, USA?

DECATUR- By Noon Saturday Decatur will find out if it is the newest Hockeyville, USA.

Representatives from Kraft were busy Friday afternoon setting up the site for the long awaited news to be shared about which city is Kraft's Hockeyville winner.

The Children's Museum of Illinois in Decatur  partnered with the Decatur Hockey group to help celebrate the communities support on Saturday, alongside its annual Duck Derby. Both resources benefit Decatur youth.

Making it to the final round, Decatur's Youth Hockey team has already won national coverage and a large amount of money, $75,000.00 for rink updates.

Decatur Youth Hockey Director Shane Brilley shared what the journey has meant for him and his team. 

"It's just a bonding for our hockey community in Decatur and the community. I would say its just brought everyone together," he said

NBC's NHL network will broadcast live Saturday morning from the Children's Museum and the winner will be revealed. WAND News will carry the announcement live.

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