Jarrett's Voice Through Art

Decatur – “We ran out of sold tags.  That's never happened before,” said Julie Shields of Millikin University at the Blue Connection Art Gallery in downtown Decatur.

The artist generating so much interest with his work is a high school student named Jarrett Sekosky.  Jarrett has autism and is non-verbal.  However, he has a unique ability to communicate through his paintings.

Jarrett started at first with crayons before moving on to painting with a brush.

“He'd color with heavy pressure and so heavy that the Crayola's, he'd break them,” said Matt Sekosky, Jarrett's dad.  “Now when he paints with the brush he has nice even strokes and it just seems like it has a calming effect on him.”

Jarrett's paintings were selling quickly Friday evening.  The proceeds from the show will help fund a local initiative to expose different art forms to members of the Decatur community with special needs.

If you would like to donate you can go to Jarrett's Facebook page which is called “Jarrett's Voice Through Art.”  There is a link to gofundme.com.

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