Celebrating Lincoln's Legacy and Life

SPRINGFIELD- The weekend of Lincoln's 150th Anniversary celebration has commenced.

The streets filled with re-enactors dressed in 1865 garb joined alongside spectators from around the nation and world.

Gathering in the capital city for the weekend that has been in the works since 2009. The opening ceremony brought guest speakers from aroind the world to share their testimonies of Lincoln's life and legacy.

Gifts were given and one traveled particularly far. Presented on behalf of the San Marino government, a commemorative euro coin was created in honor of the friendship established between the United States and the Island of San Marino credited to former President Lincoln.

The weekend events have just begun and as coordinators told us today's ceremony is nothing compared to what the funeral re-enactment will offer tomorrow.

Jon Austin, Co-chair of the 2015 Lincoln Funeral Coalition said, “What visitors saw today is just a sample of what we were able to assemble for tomorrow.”

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