Hundreds attend Woofstock 2015

 DECATUR - They jumped!  They danced!  The "Flying Houndz" were the stars of Woofstock 2015.

"We've got Flying Hounds back in the gymnasium, here," said coordinator, Drew Lewandowksi on Saturday.  "We've got vendors in the production area, and pet tattoos and manicures and all sorts of cool things."

Woofstock is an annual dog retreat that raises money for Homeward Bound Pet Shelter in Decatur.

 "We wanted to do any event where people could bring their dogs, because people love to bring their dogs to things," said Linda Clary, the shelter supervisor.

The goal is to raise $10,000 through sponsorships and a general admission fee.

"Without this, it would really hurt our chances of continuing our mission," said Clary.
Drew says the fundraisers is so important that without it, "The shelter would not be able to operate.  As a consequence, there would be, you know, probably 450 animals a year that wouldn't get placed."

More than 300 dog lovers came out.

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