Village Board Votes to Eliminate Local Police Department

 Blue Mound - If you drive down Senator Duane Noland Boulevard, you'll see that Blue Mound is like any other small town community.

It has some businesses, including a gas station with consistent traffic.

It's what you don't see that makes many people glad they have local protection.

"People don't realize how much the blue mound police actually do," said resident, Mike Tarczan.

Another resident, Elana Bodamer, said that,"if kid's got to cross the roads, somebody blows a stop sign, you have the police right there to catch that."

Starting July 1st, the village will be without two-thirds of its police force for a year, then the remaining officer would be let go after that, as a cost-saving measure.

"We can go with the Macon County sheriff contract, and it's 20 to 25 thousand dollars a year cheaper," said village president Kenneth Ervin.

Some in the community believe that decision was made without community input.

They also say that the vote was done illegally.

"I think the decision to eliminate the blue mound police department should have been up to the taxpayers," said Tarczan.

"The public was not notified not notified in advance.  At this moment, a number of people are filing complaints with the attorney general's office," said resident Donna Spears.

Ervin said that he stands by the board's decision and believes that everything was done by the book.

"It's always posted in our village hall of what is scheduled for our agenda.  And all six members agreed, and I didn't vote, they did they was the ones that voted for it and they wanted it," said Ervin.

"And you stand by their decision?" asked WAND reporter Ed Cross.

"Yes I do, 100%.  They're elected to do their job and they were doing their job.  I have no regrets because they were doing their job," Ervin answered.

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