Girls on the Go

DECATUR- Girls on the go and learning valuable lessons as they train for a 5K.

We all remember what it was like when you were first beginning to find your voice and make sense of the "norms" in society.

And one program is helping to empower third through fifth grade girls to remain true to being you.

Practicing twice a week, the Girls on the Run program site in Decatur, offers a chance for a team of young ladies to work up a sweat and also find their way through early adolescence.

Assistant Coach Marisa Moomey said, " I think that we all at a young age, we need to be empowered and we need to know who we are and we need to be strong in our convictions."

Some topics that are discussed at practices include tips on how to combat bullying and peer pressure.

Third grader Jaidyn Misner said, "You should always let anybody in who wants to play with you like at school or should always let them play."

The team is nearing the end of their practice season and the big 5K for the Girls on the Run of Central Illinois will be hosted at Lincoln Land College on Saturday May 16.

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