I-TEAM: Lyme Patients Travel Hundreds Of Miles For Treatment

Decatur – It's a disease spreading across the country but you can't get treatment for it in Illinois.  And you may have heard of it.  Lyme disease which is spread through tick bites.

“At least 300,000 people a year, and probably closer to a million, it's a bigger epidemic that aids,” said Linda Kehart who has a daughter suffering from Lyme.

Central Illinois residents with Lyme have to travel long distances to get treatment for Lyme.  Usually to Columbia, Missouri or Orlando, Florida. 

“I don't quite understand why there is such a lack of knowledge of the disease and an unwillingness to learn more,” Laura Brown told WAND I-TEAM reporter Doug Wolfe.  Brown has Lyme disease.

Doctors don't treat Lyme and most health insurance providers won't cover it.

“Financially it's impacted us since treatment is not covered by insurance,” stated Jan Bodine. Four members of her family currently have Lyme.

A Lyme disease support group is being set up in Decatur.  It will meet the third Tuesday of each month.  The first meeting will be May 19, 2015 at the Kehart law office, 132 S. Water Street, Suite #200 in Decatur.

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