Stamping Out Hunger

 DECATUR – The largest one-day food collection in the nation took place Saturday. Mail carriers and volunteers teamed up to take part in a program called “Stamp Out Hunger.”

The idea is simple. Residents left non-perishable food in their mailboxes or on their driveways for mail carriers to pick up.

Because mail carriers already have a heavy load, volunteers helped out by collecting the food.

The volunteers then organized the donations for distribution to area charities and those in need.

Volunteers told WAND News it's gratifying to see all types of people participate.

“When you go through these communities, and you can tell from the looks of the house and the car in the driveway they can't afford a whole lot,” said Lloyd Holman, who was volunteering. “But you'll still see a couple of canned goods in a Kroger grocery bag.”

Last year carriers and volunteers collected more than 78,000,000 pounds of food. That's enough to feed 30,000,000 people.

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