Celebrating Moms Everywhere

DECATUR- It's time to celebrate mom, grandma and great grandma.

 They always have the right words to say and their love is unlike any other. Mother's Day is a global event honoring mothers of any kind and letting them know that their love is appreciated.

Mother Jeanette Malafa said, "Mother's Day means that one day when everyone does kind of what I want and recognizes me and then to call grandma as well, so it's for moms everywhere."

Community members were out treating the women in their lives and also sharing with us the importance of celebrating mothers everywhere.

Connor Maloney said, " =Moms are so important in our lives there the people who brought us into the world and I don't know what's better than moms."

Mother Brooke Larson said, "It's really nice to have a day to be appreciated for all the hard work that mom's do. And it's just a lot of fun you get to have time to spend with your family."

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