I-TEAM: 4,000 Seniors Face Loss Of Supportive Living

Decatur – As Governor Rauner and the legislature wrestle to balance the state's budget thousands of senior citizens could be forced to move out of supportive living facilities across Illinois.  Rauner is proposing slashing Medicaid by $1.5 billion and stiffening eligibility requirements to remain in those facilities.

“It would sacrifice the services we do provide for our residents,” Amy Noonan of Eagle Ridge in Decatur told I-TEAM reporter Doug Wolfe.  “Quality in food.  Quality in nursing care.  Because we are going to have to look at cutting employees.”

Eagle Ridge has 62 employees and 115 residents.  Many of the residents could find themselves without a place to live if eligibility rules, called Determination of Need Scores, are changed.

“That's 40% of our residents here.  That's 4,000 in the state of Illinois,” Noonan stated while holding a list of residents that could be impacted.  “We have 115 residents and 60 on that list would disqualify them from living here.”

87 year old Jeanne Creek sold her large home and moved into the accessible Eagle Ridge facility that is designed for older residents.

“I left the house, a three story house in Deland which was a lot of steps,” Creek told WAND News.  “It's not fair.  After we paid into this all these years and then treat us badly like that.  It's not right.”

The legislature needs to adopt a new budget before the end of the month.

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