Fallen Firefighters Honored in Springfield on Tuesday

SPRINGFIELD - Fighting a fire isn't easy, and it comes with dangers.

Sometimes when fighting those fires, everyone comes out safe.

"We came very close to having some serious injuries of firefighters and we got them out of there.  From that point on, it was make sure everybody's safe and nobody gets hurt," said John Earley, Girard Fire Protection District President.

Other times, some firefighters lose their lives protecting others.

"We will never forget.  We will always remember the sacrifice that you undertake everyday," said Illinois governor Bruce Rauner at Tuesday's annual firefighter's memorial service.

The state's new fire marshal, Matt Perez, said an event like this shows just how important firefighters are to their local communities.

"Firefighters have always been appreciated, but especially since 9/11 i think that's kind of galvanized everybody's thoughts about the fire department and the the people that work for them.  And the fire service really appreciates that respect and honor they get from the public," said Perez.

Governor Rauner also said first responders have qualities that we should all strive for and to be more helpful in our own communities.

"Courage, service, dedication, sacrifice is what makes America the greatest nation on earth.  Our firefighters are true patriots.  They are the strongest Americans," added Rauner.

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