CI Sports Report with Elise Menaker: Bonding over Bikes

For two years a father and son have shared a unique sport: trials motorcycle riding.  You may not be familiar with it but this pair has caught on fast and they show us why they fell in love with riding.

What were you doing at 18 months?

“I started riding my bike with no training wheels,” said Barron Coffman.

That's right.  Barron was riding a bike without training wheels.  He's never needed them.

“We bought him a bicycle at his 18 months and put him on it, never had training wheels and it escalated from there and this is where he ended up,” explained Barron's dad Roman.

Barron ended up on trials motorcycles, a lighter weight motorcycle with no seat so you stand while riding.  It's a sport Roman and his son do together.

“Oh, it's incredible,” Roman exclaimed.  “We do it all the time... everything in our house and yard we ride on.”

While roman grew up on bicycles, “We rode professionally when we were younger and he just has kind of seen it in my pictures and fallen right in the footsteps.”

Friends introduced the two of them to trials motorcycles two years ago.

“He caught on awesome,” Roman said.  “His balance is insane and throttle control.”

For a six year old, Barron's control of his speed and the bike is impressive to say the least, not to mention his balance and strength, and that's key when riding trials motorcycles.  It's not about speed.  Simply said, “You ride over stuff and you can't put your feet down,” Barron said.

And they do it together because it's,”fun,” Roman said.  “Lots of fun when we practice, right?  You don't like practicing,” Roman said with a laugh while looking at Barron.

During events the goal is to ride without touching the ground while avoiding natural and man-made obstacles.

“He won his championship last year,” Roman said.  “Hopefully we'll get enough points to do it this year, too.”

Last year Barron was the Youth B class champion.  This year he's competing in Youth A and hopes to win again.  He participates in events all across the country.  On this particular day, Barron put on a show for his classmates.

“I am just amazed to see a six year old being able to do the things that Barron does,” expressed Lynn Shaffer, Co-Principal at St. John's Lutheran School.  “That takes a lot of talent, and discipline and support from his family.”

And while at six years old it may be amazing, it will be a lifetime of memories for a dad and his son.

Barron is also a very strong student.  Mom and dad say he's getting straight A's.

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