3 Legged Dogs Bond At Decatur Home

Decatur – Caring for the disabled.  Even when the disabled only have 3 legs.

Remi and Peanut are dogs.  Lesley Harl of Decatur is currently taking care of the two pooches at her Decatur home.  Both have recently had legs amputated. 

“If you have one two's not much different,” Harl told WAND's Doug Wolfe.  “They both get around just fine.”

Peanut is 12 and developed a serious infection in January that required removal of her right rear leg.  Remi has also had his right rear leg removed.  He was rescued by the Homeward Bound Pet Shelter.  Remi came to the shelter with a crushed leg after apparently being hit by a car.  An injury that was never treated and requiring an amputation last week.

“Three legged dogs do very well,” said Linda Clary of Homeward Bound. 

Remi is considered a foster dog at the moment but Lesley says she may eventually adopt the cattle dog mix which has already become part of her family.  “Remi has found that he really loves my couch.”

The Homeward Bound Pet Shelter is located in Decatur at 1720 Huston Drive.  The phone number is   217 – 876 – 1266.  The shelter has a wide variety of cats and dogs available for adoption including kittens.  (Pictured is Lesley Harl with Remi.)

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