Debates Continue; State's Budget Future Still Unclear in Springfield

 Springfield - Like deja vu, on Friday, lawmakers found themselves in heated debates over legislation that was designed to fail.

"In advancing this legislation, aren't you curious about the impact this is going to have on the people that provide education and our public safety?" asked state representative Bob Pritchard.

Woodstock state rep Jack Franks, sponsor of legislation that would freeze property taxes in Illinois responded by saying,"there won't be in an adverse impact on government.  I think there will be a positive impact on our taxpayers who won't have to pay higher taxes automatically.  This is our only chance."

While the debate over potentially freezing property taxes was hot and heated, at times, it almost seemed personal between lawmakers.  With only two weeks left in the legislative session, the six billion dollar elephant in the room is that the state is without a budget for next year.  That's a major concern says state representative Bill Mitchell.

"If you go pass the end of may, it makes everyone look bad.  You have your hospitals, your nursing homes, all calling me going 'what's up?'  they know if you have a six billion dollar deficit, it's going to be a total disaster in the state of Illinois," said Mitchell.
Lawmakers are scheduled to return to the Capitol Monday afternoon.

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