Click It Or Ticket in Full Force

DECATUR- Buckle up to save money and lives.

The first official summer weekend will bring lots of drivers and police officers out on the roads.

The Decatur Police Department started the first official weekend of the Click it or Ticket Campaign, all to ensure safety for those on the road.

The campaign has been effective in bringing down the number of car crashes that end in fatalities.

Patrol Officer Larry Brooks said, "Click it or ticket is very important because over the years the state has gravitated over 90% of the population wearing their seat belt is also taken fatality rates down in the past few years to under 1,000, which took us a while to get to that number. But we have been there the last 2 or 3 years consistently."

Officers will also be enforcing traffic laws like texting while driving, driving while on the phone and DUI's.

With the weekend bringing many celebrations, officers shared some tips on how to celebrate safely.

Patrol Sgt. Chris Peters said, "The single most important thing you can do to protect yourself from a DUI or being involved in a DUI crash is wearing your seat belt."

Only taking a few seconds to buckle up this split second decisions cause life long results.

Sgt. Peters said, "The main thing is to buckle your seat belt because it just takes such a short period of time to do and it could cost you your life if you don't."

Violating the seat belt laws will land you with a $60.00 ticket and a lot of headache.?

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