Lawmakers Prepare to Vote on 'Millionaire's Tax'

 Springfield - In recent weeks, there's seen plenty of clashes in philosophy at the Capitol.

There's been clashes between Republicans and Democrats.  There's also been a showdown between Speaker of the House Michael Madigan and governor Bruce Rauner.

Another is expected this week as Speaker Madigan will likely call his proposed 'millionaire's tax' to a vote inside the House chambers.

That would create a tax that would add an additional 3% on anything earned after a person's first million dollars of income, a measure voters were in favor of in November's General Election.

If passed, it would create needed dollars for education in the state.

Decatur state representative Sue Scherer has long been a supporter of the idea.

"I've been very much in favor of this since the get-go.  We took it to the voters in the fall, and the voters overwhelmingly supported it as well.  The key thing to note here is is that it's not on all of their income, it's only on the income over and above a million dollars," Scherer said on Monday.

While state rep Sue Scherer said that this will be a long-term source of funding for schools throughout Illinois, Forsyth state representative Bill Mitchell said he's not so sure this is the best way to go however.

"What will this do to employers?  We in Illinois have seen an awful lot of jobs flee Illinois.  So the question that, when we debate this bill which we probably will this week i guess, is how will this effect job creators here in Illinois?" asked Mitchell.

Many lawmakers on both sides say they're still more focused on trying to finalize a budget for next year.

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