Champaign's plan to "Grow Green" recognized as the most sustainable in the state

CHAMPAIGN--Champaign is being recognized for its efforts to be environmentally friendly and one organization named it the city with the most sustainable plan in the state.

Champaign adopted a "Growing Greener" plan in 2013.

In 2014 it was formally recognized by the Illinois chapter of the American Planning Association as the most sustainable plan in the state.

At Tuesday's city council meeting, that award will be formally presented to honor the efforts to keep this community flourishing for generations to come.

City planners say Champaign was selected because its plan is accessible, easy to understand, and sought input from community members.

It's currently being implemented through a variety of programs ranging from recycling to energy efficiency, while educating the public about their options in the process.

"Grow Green Champaign [is] an effort to get the community involved in some of these activities," said Champaign senior city planner, Lacey Rains Lowe. "So trying a new habit like using a reusable shopping bag, or planting a backyard garden. Becoming that one-stop-shop where you can go find out, 'how do I recycle in Champaign, where do I take these items that I'm not supposed to put in the regular trash.'"

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While there is no set timeline for when all the goals in the plan should be accomplished, city planners say they are likely to revisit it in five to seven years for some updates.

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