Petition Cards to Stop Medicaid Cuts

 Decatur- Hospitals play a vital role in the community, but what happens when funds are cut and they can't perform the services people need?

Sister Ritamary Brown, a Health Advocate for St. Mary's Hospital said, the entire health care community in the state of Illinois may take a huge hit. This comes after talks of drastic medicaid cuts have been proposed by Governor Bruce Rauner.

Sister Brown added, while Rauner was campaigning he told her his plans for medicaid. Now that she knows it's to cut nearly $800 million, she told WAND she wishes she would have asked for more specific information about his plan.

"This will jeopardize the ability to deliver care the way we are right now and we are very concerned about that. Forty percent of Illinois hospitals are in the red and clearly they cannot afford anymore cuts," Sister Brown said.

Along with other hospitals, many patients and St. Mary's staff members filled out petition cards on Tuesday. Health care leaders collected more than 350 and will deliver them by next week.

All involved hope the petition cards will get legislators attention.
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