The Next Big Move for Food Production

DECATUR - National FoodWorks Services LLC, is making plans and connections with local partnerships to put Decatur ahead of the trend in food production and manufacturing.

Collaborating with ADM and Richland Community college to name a few networks, NFS will be offering the Midwest something it's never seen before.

Facility Manager Charlie McGorray said, “It's completely new in the whole country. There is nothing set up like this. The collaboration between Richland and NFS and some of our partners is incredible to start with.”

Planning to move into the old Brush College School, the future incubator commercial kitchen and co packing facility will provide assistance for entrepreneur's in the food service industry. Along with providing members in the community resources to get their food service endeavors off the ground.

One of National Food Works Services curators Tony Caccomo said “The facility, the location, the town, the area is perfect for this kind of food manufacturing and as the food industry changes we're right on top of and in the middle of change.”

The facility plans to be up and running by September.

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