Celebration of Gospel Event

 DECATUR – The public is invited out to a special celebration at the Program Ministry of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church.

On Sunday, June 7, local and out of town singers will impersonate famous and Grammy Award winning gospel singers and choirs.

The event begins at 5:00 PM.

Scheduled to appear as the Masters and Mistress of Services are: Rev. Stuart Bogan as Smokie Norful,  and Marvin & Lakisha Mizell as Bishop T. D. Jakes & Lady Serita Jakes.    Songs will be performed by:  Rosalynn Bates as Leandria Johnson,  Michael Bell as Marvin Sapp,  Kim Burrell as Laquisha Bishop,  Chinna Campbell as Vanessa Bell Armstrong,  Shelith Hansbro as Yolanda Adams, Kandi Kernan as Martha Munizzi,   Reneil Lee as Donnie McClurkin ,  and Pastor C. D. Stuart as Pastor Marvin Winans.   Choirs/groups include the Voices of Antioch as the Mississippi Mass Choir,  Leon Dye & House of Miracles Men as Lee Williams & the QC's,  Main Street Young Adult Choir (MSYAC) as Tye Tribett & Greater Anointing,  Union Missionary Baptist Church, Bloomington, asBishop Larry Trotter & Sweet Holy Spirit Church Choir,  and the Wills Sisters as the Clark Sisters. For more information, click on the link: www.antiochdecatur.org.

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