Top Memorial Day Activities

 As Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer, TripAdvisor asked more than 1,600 people about their Memorial Day plans. 

While 41% are traveling for the holiday, the top Memorial Day activities include: 

1.     Attending a cookout or BBQ (52%)

2.     Participating in swimming or watersports (24%)

3.     Shopping (21%)

4.     Visiting a park or national park (16%)

5.     Going hiking (13%)

As the majority of respondents plan to attend a cookout, the top Memorial Day food indulgences include:

1.     BBQ including ribs, brisket, chicken or pulled pork

2.     Hamburgers

3.     Seasonal produce including tomatoes, peaches, strawberries or watermelon

4.     Hotdogs

5.     Lobster

Along with the food, the favorite Memorial Day beverages are:

1.     Beer

2.     Lemonade

3.     Margarita
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