Lawmakers Begin Voting on FY-16 Budget Items Tuesday

 Springfield - The Illinois General Assembly     spring legislative session started in February, and will wrap up this week.

The biggest task lawmakers faced this year was drafting a budget for next year.

For much of the spring session there were little to no discussions held to create a budget on the House floor.

However, this week, that will be the biggest attention grabber from both sides of the aisle.

"Appropriations for a fiscal year shall not exceed funds estimated by the general assembly to be available during that year,"said Downers Grove state representative Ron Sandack.

Chicago state representative Greg Harris answered,"we are holding the Medicaid budget for FY-16 flat."

To say that tension was thick inside the House of Representatives on Tuesday would be a very big understatement with both sides going as far to saying that each side's proposal is unconstitutional because it was not a balanced budget.

Minority leader Jim Durkin said that,"the $36B that the speaker mentioned yesterday and we'll be taking up the next day and a half are clearly imbalanced based on the revenues in which we projected would come in next fiscal year, is that a correct statement?"

Harris answered,"I can go on with the statements the speaker made yesterday and that was his assertion."

Marion state representative John Bradley asked,"the budget that was introduced by the governor was $2.756B out of balance with regard to one item, the pension pension payment.  Is that correct?"

"If all the other items stood, that is my understanding," answered Harris.

Budget debates continue in the House and Senate Wednesday.

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