Foster Parents Needed in Macon County

 Decatur- Macon County is in desperate need of parents to work with kids and especially teenagers. That is why a couple who said they always wanted a big family, stepped up to give deserving kids a safe home. Now more people are wanted to open their homes and their hearts.

Danay and Steve White have three daughters and one son of their own, and they didn't want their only son to be alone.

"We didn't care what color he was. . . just someone my son could play with and my wife could be a mother to and I could be a father to," said Steve White.

That's when Webster-Cantrell Hall stepped in.

"Macon County has had for the longest period of time the highest rate in foster care even above Cook County," said Holly Newbon the Director of Development at Webster-Cantrell Hall in Decatur.

Newbon said, 140-150 kids are in foster care on any given day and the agency receives 2-to-3 new children each week.

"Children are very underprivileged. . . Once they are placed in a foster home how they are so happy," said Monique Howell the Foster Care Licensing Worker at Webster-Cantrell Hall.

That's why Howell and Newbon need more adults to love the dozens of children who need it.

"I didn't see a father juggle marriage, juggle kids, juggle work, juggle love, patience, time, everything and manage the house. Everything all at the same time," added Steve.

"It's good for me because I can love a child just as well as my own child," added Danay.

If you would like to be a foster parent in Macon County, please call 217-423-6961.
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