The Newest Generation of Nursing

DECATUR- The baby boomer generation looking to retire will cause a shortage in the nursing field.

A recent survey, 2014 Illinois Registered Nurse Workforce Study shows that nearly 1/3 of all nurses 55 years or older have the intention to retire, causing there to be a potential shortage in the field.

Terri Luckenbill, Health Services Coordinator for DPS 61 said, “This is one of the largest retiring of school nurses we've had in the district in the 19 years I've been here.”

DMH is taking steps on the hiring end to help combat the potential shortage in the nursing industry.

Vice President of Nursing at DMH, Linda Fahey said, “About 10% of our nurses each year leave for retirement or other purposes so DMH hires 40 to 50 registered nurses a year because we employ 500 nurses.”

Preparing the next generation of nurses to fill the shoes of one of the largest generations.

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