Lawmakers gather at Capitol to continue budget discussions

SPRINGFIELD - Lawmakers are gathering at the Illinois State Capitol to continue discussing state budget proposals for the next fiscal year.

Officials say some Democratic lawmakers are pushing for a $36.3 billion budget proposal, while some Republican lawmakers are strongly opposing the idea, calling the proposal "unbalanced."  Under this budget proposal, overall spending would be increased by more that $3 billion in comparison to a previous budget proposal, with a minimum of $240 million of that money going towards funding education.

However, in order to have the money to make up for the shortfall, some Democratic lawmakers are requesting help to pass a tax increase.  Governor Bruce Rauner has said that he does not want to consider raising taxes until portions of his legislative agenda are approved by the Legislature.

One of Rauner's proposals, which freezes property taxes, could soon be considered by a Senate committee.  Another Rauner proposal, which would reform workers' compensation, was rejected by lawmakers on Wednesday.

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