Decatur Industries Leading the Way in Manufacturing Innovation

DECATUR- Two Decatur based companies leading the way in automotive HVAC.

The temperatures are rising and soon the construction zones will be popping up everywhere along with heavy duty equipment all needing air conditioning to complete jobs and protect workers.

A training session hosted by TCCI and CAT invited engineers from across the country to get hands on experience with air conditioning compression testing thanks to TCCI's wind tunnel technology.

Simulating a 100 degree environment engineers were able to see how large scale machinery air conditioning reacts and the what to do and not to do when leaks and malfunctions occur.

Jim Guthridge, TCCI Director of Engineering said,” That's what their observing in the control room. They can see if your systems slowly leaking down and what really happens and when it happens and what to do.”

Engineers traveled from across the country to the training  to learn what Decatur's industries are doing to lead the way in innovation.

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