Last Weekend to Make Budget Agreement

 SPRINGFIELD-A two day deadline for Illinois' budget.

Lawmakers have been busy since 10 this morning working on negotiations for bills and attempting to find a compromise on a  multi-billion dollar budget.

Legislation presented and discussed included multiple bills in both the house and senate. Chicago pensions, education funding, pollution reform, and much more.

Many lawmakers do not see the deadline as a reality for the budget agreement.

(R) Bill Mitchell said, "Let's balance a budget, let's take care of who needs to be taken care of, seniors, schools and roads and let's call it a day."

Democrats spearheading the proposed budget say they have cut everywhere they could.

(D) Sue Scherer said, "We're trying to give the Governor things that we need, saying this is the direction that we need to go in order to fund what needs to be done and its absolutely not taxing the middle working class."

If the budget is not approved on by Sunday at midnight lawmakers will head back to the capitol for a special summer session.

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