What some have to say about the state budget battle

DECATUR - While lawmakers voice their opinions in Springfield, people in Decatur are also taking a stand on a never-ending budget battle.

STEVE HAMILTON: "They're more spend-oriented," said Steve Hamilton, speaking about Democratic state lawmakers.  "He's more save-oriented.  That's my opinion.  I think the democrats are hard-headed and they need to compromise with him.  We've been going the wrong direction for a long time in this state.  We need to turn it around.  He's got some great ideas, they should listen to him."

MARSHA LENSKI: "It seems so entangled to me that i can't make much sense of it.  We've become a country of I want, and I want it right now."

KEVIN WEST: "There's a lot of things, they're just not willing to give into, and we understand that but unfortunately, something has to go.  I think everybody involved is trying to decide what's best for their districts and they're both trying to see both sides of the aisle.  I think they're having a real struggle with that, knowing what's coming in is x amount of dollars but they want to spend a greater amount than we actually have."

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