No Agreement For State Budget

SPRINGFIELD- A weekend full of discussion with no agreed budget.
Sunday lawmakers met in one last attempt to meet on an agreement for the 2016 fiscal budget. With the hours ticking away bi-partisanship compromise was a far fetched reality.
Senate President John Cullerton said, "His own budget wasn't balanced from the start. And then he had his Republican colleagues introduce the budget and then never called it. So we at the end had to advance our own budget."
Surrounding the disagreements and political divide across the aisle, some positives came out of the last days of Spring Session.
Senator (R) Chapin Rose said, "On the local front we have been very successful, we had the water bill to protect our water supply for Central Illinois that's a huge deal for my constituents."
With no agreement made on the budget, Speaker of the House, Michael Madigan has called his chamber back for next Thursday without the amenities of gas reimbursements or special daily pay.
The Senate will also reconvene Tuesday, June 9 to begin the process of overtime budget negotiations.

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