Proposal that affects Illinois' DUI law heading to Rauner

SPRINGFIELD - Legislation that would strengthen Illinois' existing DUI laws is heading to Governor Bruce Rauner's office for consideration.

The proposal, initiated by Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White and sponsored by State Representative John D'Amico and State Senators Steve Stadelman and Jason Barickman, contains five points that are designed to increase participation in the state's Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device program.  The proposed changes to the state's BAIID program are listed below.

- Require motorists convicted of driving on a revoked license resulting in a fatality to participate in the BAIID program.

- Require motorists who have been convicted of DUI resulting in great bodily harm or permanent disability to participate in BAIID.

- Require BAIID participation for any motorist who has a combination of two or more statutory summary suspensions or DUI/reckless homicide convictions.

- Adding a signature line to the "Warning to Motorists" form.  Motorists would be required to sign the form.  If the motorists refuses, a law enforcement officer would indicate that the motorist refused to sign.

- Motorists who have repeat DUI convictions would have a BAIID installed in their vehicles in exchange for avoiding jail time.

The proposal passed the Illinois Senate on Monday, after gaining approval from the Illinois House earlier this year.

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