Gov Rauner Won't Sign Unbalanced Budget

Springfield – Lawmakers are digging in for a possibly long summer after failing to pass a balanced budget over the weekend.

“I can't believe they did it again,” Governor Bruce Rauner told WAND's Doug Wolfe at his Capitol office.  “They passed another unbalanced budget like they did last year.”

Rauner says the budget passed by the Democratic controlled legislature exceeds revenues by $4 billion.  A budget he won't sign into law.

“What I've told the Speaker (Rep. Mike Madigan) is I can't accept an unbalanced budget.  This is unconstitutional.  What they passed is wrong,” Rauner stated.

Democrats are looking for more revenue through a tax increase.  But Rauner wants some of his agenda passed.  Those items include regulatory fixes including workers compensation, tort reform, term limits and a freeze on property taxes.
“I'm open to tax reform.  We can talk about revenues.  But we can't just talk about revenues.  We need structural reform,” Rauner said.

(Pictured: Governor Rauner's Office at the Illinois State Capitol)
The governor says he is still willing to meet with Democratic leaders at any time to negotiate a balanced budget.

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