Ask About Recalls When Buying Used

When a vehicle breaks down and can not be fixed, the first thing on the owner's mind is most likely getting a new one. When the purchaser goes through their checklist of things they want while at the dealership, make sure to ask about recalls when buying used.

Especially after hearing about Takata's faulty air bags. About 34-million vehicles were recently recalled from 11 automakers. Takata's recall is the largest auto recall in U.S. history.

Dan Millman the General Manager at Poage Auto Mall in Forsyth knows the ins and outs of the automobile business. He said, it's virtually impossible to sell a certified General Motors vehicle with a recall notice.

"If we don't do it, when you buy it and then we go on the computers to tell General Motors you bought it, it won't accept it until the recall is done," Millman said. "They're sending out gift cards just to get them to come in and do the recall."

Don't by afraid to ask about recalls and a full vehicle history report.  

"There's no reason on earth not to do it. We want to do right by the customer. We get paid to do it. It's a win win," added Millman.

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