Governor Promises Cuts, Closures if New Budget Isn't Passed Soon

 Springfield - Lawmakers skipped town on Sunday without passing a real budget for the next fiscal year.

As a result, Governor Rauner has threatened cuts and closures.

"I'm very disappointed to bring you that news.  We've worked hard for months and months to try and negotiate in good faith the General Assembly," Rauner told cabinet members Wednesday.

With no official budget in place after June 30th, the governor addressed department heads ahead of cutting dollars from their programs.

Rauner said,"we'll be asking each one of you to review in detail your operations and your departments and get ready for the very real possibility we are facing a cash crisis."

A big portion of the governor's promised cuts will include funding for low-income family child care.

"I serve low-income families that meet anywhere from 100 and 85 percent below the poverty level.  These families work.  Some work at McDonald's, some work at nursing homes," said Pam Franks, a 20-year veteran of child care.

Franks said that vital programs shouldn't be cut, and instead of hurting working families, changing the state's taxing system would help create much-needed revenue.

"If they paid their fair share, I feel like that would bring more revenue into the state of Illinois.  And it could possibly fix this deficit on the budget.  Instead of cutting vital programs, if he cuts child care, how is that fixing the budget?  That's not.  That's creating more problems.  That's not fixing a budget," said Franks.

Members of the House return to the Capitol on Thursday, while the Senate returns next Tuesday.

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