Decatur Dredging Exclusive Update

DECATUR- Dredging updates in the first year of the process.

Beginning in October barges hit the lake to start on the $91,000,000 dredging project for Lake Decatur. The process is collecting accumulated sediment that has been settling on the bottom of the lake since it was created in 1920.

With the mechanics of a hydraulic cutter head dredge, the sediment is transported through the 8 mile long pipeline and sent to the Oakley sediment basin.

Water Management Engineer Coordinator Jerry Stevens said, "It will give us and increase the capacity of the lake my 30% which gives us an extra fifty two days of water availability for our water plant so in case of a drought we can serve the city of Decatur an extra fifty two days."

The process is a 24/7, 7 days a week job that consists of more than 50 workers.

With the process scheduled to take 5 to 6 years many positives could result the dredging project including, new industry and business for the Decatur area. 

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