Showing Support for Those Who Have Lost a Loved One

DECATUR- Breaking bread to break the trend of gun violence.

Decatur community members gathered Friday evening to show support for families of the recent murders.

By inviting the families out to Fairview Park, friends and strangers were able to offer than just a shoulder or ear. The event coordinators, Women of Wisdom had employment information and mental health assistance available for the relatives to offer an outlet and coping strategies.

Women of Wisdom Member Miracle Stanley said, "When they're healing and grieving we not only want to be there for the family in that way but also let people know that they don't have to resort to violence for whatever situation they are going through. So there's jobs in Decatur, there is the department of health for people who have mental issues."

One of the murder victims sister, Kimberly Robinson says the loss of her brother has not only left her and her family distraught but also with financial burdens.

Robinson said, "I'm here to help my dad, my brother was his primary care giver. So I had to take off for a month so I could try and get things situated with my dad who is 79..and it's hard."

To help or donate to Kimberly's cause there is a "gofundme" account linked on her Facebook page. Follow the link below to help their family survive it's loss.

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