City of Danville Schedules Debris Clean-Up For Citizens

DANVILLE – The City of Danville Solid Waste Division announces services open to residents for removing waste and debris from properties as a result of Sunday, June 8, storms.

Services are available to remove both water damaged items and storm debris from residents' properties. City personnel will not enter onto private property, so any items that need to be collected must be placed on the curb.

Those in need of pick-up may call the City at 217-431-2288. Residents should then move items to the curb once pick-up has been scheduled. Special collection is scheduled on a first come, first served basis.

All loose water damaged items, including wet and saturated cardboard, must be bagged. The City will not be collecting building or construction materials.

Downed tree limbs and other tree debris must be cut into manageable length and also be placed by the side of the road.

Any items removed or cut by contractors hired by property owners or insurance companies are responsible for the disposal of those items. They will not be picked up by crews from the city.

No further collections will be scheduled after Friday, June 12.

For more information, contact the Public Works Department at 217-431-2288.

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