Rauner Balks at Senate's 'Property Tax' Proposition

 Springfield - Democrat lawmakers are taking up 'bullet points' from Governor Bruce Rauner's turnaround agenda.

This time, they discussed property tax affects in Illinois.

"That's not a sincere focus on turning our state around and getting an agenda passed to get the state going in the right direction," Rauner told the media from the executive mansion Tuesday.

The governor said it's not a matter of how important they are, it's a matter of people paying too much.

"It's our biggest tax problem, it's not debatable.  And for the senate to spend time today debating or wondering how important property taxes are or how big of a problem they are, that's a waste of time.  It's not debatable that they're punishing our homeowners, punishing our small business owners," said Rauner.

The governor hasn't pulled any punches when describing the Speaker of the House and Senate President when it comes to their influence at the Capitol, saying they're for the 'political class.'

However, when asked if the people who contribute to his own campaigns mean more than those who don't, the governor says it's about those who win from the state and those who win with the state.

"My donors are basically tax payers.  What we've got here under speaker Madigan and president Cullerton is a government working for the government insiders and those who make money from the government," he said.

"well there's other taxpayers in the state, are you saying the ones who contribute to you and are the job providers, are more important than the ones who are doing the work?" asked WAND Capitol reporter Ed Cross.

"The distinction is people who make money from the government versus people who produce and give to the government.  And hard working families, and taxpayers, small business owners and homeowners are losing, and they're leaving, and that's what we've got to change," Rauner replied.

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